"Ah, the Mistress Indigo would be so sad to hear your singing voice damaged"

From Technomancer

Cameron recoiled at the thought of Mistress Indigo. The last time he'd been in her presence, she practically devoured him with her eyes. He vividly remembered her face, covered with swirling tattoos, her deep blue eyes alight with pleasure as she smiled and told him how she planned on torturing him. He had counted himself lucky to escape her clutches, but now, it seemed like he'd come full circle. Then again, maybe Quentin was just trying for a reaction.

"You're bluffing, Quentin! I know you too well!"

- You recall your childhood with Cameron & decide he's just about to crack.

- You've only known Cameron for a few years, and you're not sure if he's unnerved or not."

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