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From Technomancer

Heeblooppppblllpblllp Neigh, wninie, heigh.Waht the hell was it?Donno.Heebloopppbillpppoopp. Neigh, wninie, ho.Lordy.Sounds equine.Waht?Like a horse, like.Well, waht's it sayin?It do be sayin: y'all is late. I need my hay. Scratch me.Ain't-gotta-horse.Wahl, y'all got-one-now.Them horsies bee-long to them rich folksies south-a-hair.Wahl, we'un's bee-long to them horsies. Pay up.Ain't gonna be mast-turd by no horse.Y'all is all-ready. Got Bush?Bush?Yep. Them Bushies serve them folksies that got them horsies that took your'n money.Dam.Blllloop Neigh-winnie HA HA!

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