Trust No One

From Technomancer

In the office of a remote warehouse, a single lightbulb swung slowly over an old kitchen table, with peeling formica. Scattered across the surface were several maps and handwritten notes, weighed down by a couple of starlight scopes and sub-vocal mikes. A man and a woman looked up from the table as the sound of tires crunching on gravel rang out in the silence.

A heavy fist pounded down on the table, "Dammit, Jeanne, you were followed here!"

Before she could reply, a heavyset figure in the shadow loaded a shotgun and growled, "Quick bitching at her, Hank, and pass me those grenades."

With a flash of long red hair, Jeanne grabbed a headset, mumbled an apology, and made for the back door.

Hank glares at you and says, "Well? Get moving!"

--You go to cover the front entrance

--You go to cover the back entrance

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