You recall your childhood with Cameron

From Technomancer

You shout, "Ho, Cameron! This is just like old times." Your soft boots make faint thuds on the wooden planks as you pace the deck. "Once again, I'm up here, nice and safe, about to make a fortune, and you're bruised and battered, and have not a penny to your name." You flick a spec of imaginary lint from the cuff of your red, brushed velvet coat and shine a bronze button on your sleeve.

Cameron retorted, "Ho, Quentin! This is just like old times! You're up there, relaxing in the lap of luxury, thinking you're all safe and secure, while I'm down here, finding a thousand ways to make you regret you've been born. I've just completed my fourth plan, and I'm enjoying devising more to choose from!"

You laugh in the face of Cameron's bravado. "Of course you are, Cameron. Of course you are. But, there's just one tiny detail I think you may be overlooking."

Cameron shot back, "Oh, really? Do tell."

- You say, "I failed to mention that I have Larissa captive belowdecks. The sailors are growing quite fond of her."

- You say, "I failed to mention that we're only six hours from Santo Diego. If I recall correctly, you ran up quite a gambling debt with the governor there, didn't you?"

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